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We offer highly advanced Nitrogen Flushing and Sealing Machines at cost-effective prices to ensure satisfaction of the customers. Our range of Nitrogen Flushing and Sealing Machine is available at customers’ leading price and complies with internationals quality standards. The Filled pouch with the product is placed in the special nozzle provided in the machine. The Pneumatically operated jaws close the pouch first removes the vacuum and flushes with nitrogen. All operations are timer controlled in this machine. Different sealing systems like impulse and continuous sealing can be provided.
Silent Features:-
  • Equipped with a product counting device.
  • All components in direct contact with the product are made of stainless steel conforming to sanitary standards.
  • Packing speed are adjustable. Adjustment¬† can be made while the machine is running.
  • The entire procedure from weighing, bag forming, filling and sealing to cutting and
    packaging is  fully automatically operated.
  • Machines can be made to customers' own specifications on request.

Our Products

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Nitrogen Packing Machine
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